28 Best Cute & Funny Love Quotes For Him

28 Best Cute & Funny Love Quotes For Him

If you love looking at cute and funny love quotes and then sending them to your boyfriend or husband, here’s a treat for you.

Send these photos to him to make him giggle.

1. Every chocolate loving girl

Boyfriend < Chocolate

2. Frank Caprio

We've been married for 50 years...happily for 5. - Frank Caprio

3. Macarons are too expensive to share

Steal my macarons one more time, see how you get bit.

4. Charles Schultz

5. Every woman who hates their period

6. Lucill Ball

7. Naughty naughty

8. Phyllis Diller

9. Richard Jeni

10. Richard Lewis

11. Rob Delaney

12. Rob Delaney

13. Spanish wisdom

14. Les Dawson

15. Til Allen

16. Oscar Wilde

17. Bill Cosby

18. Judith Viorst

19. Chico Marx

20. Joan Rivers

21. Cindy Garner

22. Cindy Garner

23. Elizabeth Evans

24. Emo Philips

25. Ray Romano

26. Billy Crystal

27. Friedrich Nietzsche

28. George Burns

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